Are Trade In Values For Cars Dropping in 2023?

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Are Trade In Values Are Dropping in 2023?

You Can Still Get the Max Value For Your Car’s Trade In!

 Yes it’s absolutely true. Car trade in values have decreased in 2023, however this is because the dealerships control trade in values.

For years now the dealers have been able to low-ball offers for their customer’s trade-ins. Now it’s time to take the power back. 

In today’s modern, digital world, there’s a new way to trade your vehicle in and get the max value for your car, truck or SUV if it’s 2010 or newer year, regardless of whether dealerships are offering low prices for vehicle trade-ins.

In the “old school” car-buying universe, a car owner would go to a dealership, walk the lot, find a car they like, then start discussing price.  Customers were actually making TWO separate transactions with the dealership…. 1) buying the new car and 2) selling their older car, a.k.a. “trading-in” their car.  In the dealership model of car buying, customers were at a disadvantage because of the sales techniques used by dealerships.  Car salespeople and their sales managers would get customers to focus on the “monthly” price for the new car and NOT to focus on what the dealership was giving them for their car for trade in value.  This nut and shell game can be quite confusing as well as frustrating for car buyers in San Antonio because the majority of the time, the dealership wins by low-balling you on your trade in, just so they can sell it on their car lot for a much higher price. 

There’s a new, modern way to trade your vehicle in. ABC Buys Cars. It’s super easy and super fast. This new modern method is to sell your car directly to ABC Buys Cars, a car buyer in San Antonio and collect your check so that you don’t have to haggle with the dealer over the value of your trade. Then you simply go to the dealership to buy your newer car.

ABC Buys Cars empowers the consumer to turn the table on dealerships as a new choice is now available. With choice comes ultimate freedom from the dictator-like tactics that have been employed at car dealerships over the years. At ABC Buys Cars we are not selling you a car. We are simply educating consumers and leveling the playing field so that you get the max trade-in value for your car – more than any dealership in most cases. We pay More! Why? Because that’s all we do!

Here’s how it works. All you do is fill out a simple form, supply your license plate number or your VIN. We’ll send you a top dollar offer for your vehicle within minutes. If you accept our top dollar offer, WE COME TO YOU…. Yes, we’ll come to your home or your work to inspect your vehicle and write you a check immediately. You can do this even if you still owe money on your car.

If you’ve been thinking “I need to sell my car” take advantage of this new method and get top dollar for your car, truck or SUV today. Visit our trade-in estimate form page and fill out the form today.  Our car buyers in San Antonio have their check books ready and we’re buying cars today! Call 210-488-2877 for a fast quote today or click HERE to fill out a form for quotes in less than 15 minutes!


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